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Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and it can go unnoticed. If you ever discovered abnormal skin growth on your body and do not know what to make for it, it is best to get yourself checked and rule out any possibilities of skin cancer. Getting yourself checked will also help you get treatment at early stages if needed.

Haan Skin’s Gold Coast Skin Cancer Clinic can help you spot early signs of skin cancer and initiate treatment and prevention. Our cancer specialists are best in the city with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields. Having a professional look at your symptoms can help you recover soon, before it gets any worse.

What Is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells, mostly caused because of exposure to the sun. Skin cancer can also affect parts of your skin that are not exposed to sunlight.

What Are The Types Of Skin Cancer?

There are three major types of skin cancer, namely:

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma: Basal cell carcinoma often occurs at places on your skin that is directly exposed to sunlight. It most commonly affects places such as your neck and face. Basal cell carcinoma can appear as symptoms like:

  • A waxy or pearly bump
  • A flesh coloured or brown scar like lesion
  • A sore area that continuously bleeds, heals and returns

2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma: This type of skin cancer also occurs on most exposed to sunlight parts of your body such as ears, neck, face and hands. People with a darker complexion are more vulnerable to this type of skin cancer, especially in places that are not exposed to sunlight. It appears as symptoms like:

  • A nodule that is firm and red
  • A lesion that is crusty or scaly

3. Melanoma: Melanoma can affect any part of your body. It can even occur when an existing mole or lesion turns cancerous. This type of cancer often appears on the face and most commonly, on lower legs for women. Symptoms include:

  • A mole that changes size and colour
  • An itchy or burny spot
  • Dark or small lesions

Skin Cancer Specialists In Gold Coast

Skin cancer can go undetected for a long time if the right help is not asked for. If you notice yourself or your loved one going through unexplainable skin problems, it is in your best interest to get them or yourself checked out. Our cancer specialists provide a full skin check to detect any presence.


1. How long does a full skin check take?
A full skin check can take about 20-30 minutes. This can vary as the doctor will first discuss your medical history to know about any occurings in the past that may make you more vulnerable.

2. What are the different treatments for skin cancer?
Skin cancer can be treated by many types of treatments such as mole-mapping, cryotherapy, photodynamic treatments, cream treatments, curettage and cautery, etc.

3. What equipment are used by doctors?
Skin cancer specialists at Haan Skin are trained and qualified to use a dermatoscope to rule out any possibilities.

4. What’s the process after the full skin check?
Once your check is complete, the doctor will discuss their findings with you, cancerous or non-cancerous.

5. What if skin cancer is detected after check?
If skin cancer is detected post appointment, your specialist will discuss the best possible way to proceed with your case and which treatment has a greater chance of working for your condition.

If you are pondering “where is the skin cancer clinic near me”or how do I complete a skin cancer check in Gold Coast, Haan Skin is here to protect you and your skin. Our skin care clinic in Gold Coast is a local and viable option for those located in Brisbane, or even the Sunshine Coast area.


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