Cosmetic Mole Removal Gold Coast

Do you have unwanted moles and skin tags, and want to remove them from your skin as soon as possible? This removal is a simple, no stitches procedure to remove unsightly Moles + Skin and is also very affordable and is suitable for all skin ages and skin types.

Before the removal of any raised moles, you will be required a skin check.

Treatment only available to clients over the ages over 18.


Healing time

7-10 days



Provided it is left to heal naturally (generally 7 to 10 days), there is rarely any scarring at the treatment site. There may be a slight colour difference in the treated skin (compared to the surrounding skin) but this fades and over time.


Risks and Possible Complications

Modern surgery is generally safe but does have the potential for risks and complications to occur.

Some possible complications and risks associated with scar revision surgery may include:

  • Risks of anaesthesia including allergic reaction or potentially fatal cardiovascular complications such as heart attack
  • Bleeding or infection that requires treatment with antibiotics