Acne Scars Removal Treatment Gold Coast

Acne scarring is more severe and treatment can include laser resurfacing, fractional radio frequency, skin needling / PRP and dermal fillers.


Healing time

1-2 days



Mild pain has been reported during this procedure, and a numbing agent may be used to decrease any discomfort. However, this will largely depend on the issue being addressed and the intensity of treatment. You can usually return to daily activities after treatment, but it may be advisable to do the procedure near the end of the week, to give your skin extra time to recover.


Risks and Possible Complications

Patients are likely to experience pain, swelling and itchiness that are signs of the body’s immune system working to repair the damage.

This can be expected to go on for the first several days, until the body has healed the treated areas, and the inflammation subsides.

If the treatment is for a more difficult skin problem, like a deep scar, Doctor may need to use stronger setting, which will in turn cause more damage and require more healing time.

This is something that should be taken into account very seriously, especially if you are considering treatment before a major life event, like a wedding.