About us

Haan Skin started in 2015 with the promise to our clients or patients that we are a doctor led service and all of our patients will be seen and examined by a fully qualified AHPRA registered General Practitioner. This differs to multiple Skin rejuvination clinics around the Gold Coast which are mostly led by either Beauty Therapists or unregistered practitioners. In some medical centres – Cosmetic beauty is run by Cosmetic Nurses. At Haan all our treatments are delivered by General Practitioners.



Haan Skin started after the owners noticed that patients were having their skin health checked and adminitered from medical centres different to their normal health care providers. For example, patients would tell us that they are having their skin checked at a skin cancer clinic or having their medical beauty treatment at a non medical establishment. Haan Skin changes this by having thorough General Practitioners cater to all you health care needs including Skin cancer detection and removal as well as performing Cosmetic Beauty Procedures.


Our Team

We have a highly qualified team at Haan Skin. From the receptionist who answers your calls to the nurses that assist the General Practitioners in the procedures. Our General Practitioners are thorough and listen you your needs to ensure that you receive the treatment that works best for your circumstances. Our General Practitioners can also assist with any medical issues that you may want to address.