Skin Cancer Check Gold Coast

“It’s amazing, how many times I’ve heard patients saying that they had a skin cancer check done at a skin clinic and the patient was not asked to remove their socks and shoes and no-one inspected under their briefs or bra…”

A Haan Skin Check will be performed by our medical team and you will be asked to remove all of your clothing at some point during the examination. A chaperone can be provided if you feel more comfortable. Our Skin Check Practitioners are all female.

It’s important to remove your socks and shoes as skin cancers can be found anywhere on the body so we need to ensure they are not present on your feet.

We photograph your whole body and both our Haan Skin Practitioners and an advanced Computer Software program will analyse all of your spots and many images will be shared with our Pathology company where a Specialist will provide their analysis too.

All photographs are saved in a secure system called DermEngine. If we decide not to remove certain spots we can compare images from your first skin check to subsequent skin check to check for any substantial changes.



There is no healing time for a Skin Cancer Check



Please wear comfortable clothing that is easily removable. We suggest having a shower before attending and removing all jewellery including ear-rings, rings, necklaces and body piercings, where possible, before your skin check.



There are no associated risks or any anticipated complications with a Skin Check.